2000AD, Judge Dredd, AI and The Art of Kenny Who?

AI has been hailed as the way of the future, the death of the music industry, and god knows what else, but…back in the 1980s, 2000AD “predicted” the rise of AI, in its futuristic city, Mega-City One, in an episode of Judge Dredd entitled The Art of Kenny Who? (the question mark was part of his name).¬†Kenny Who? is an artist and, convinced of his greatness, arrives in Mega-City One to seek fame and fortune. He visits the BIG1 publishing house with a sample of his work, only to be told that…

Kenny decides to drown his sorrows, only to see on TV, that very evening:

Kenny is not amused, and returns to the publishing house.

When he calms down, the senior editor explains:

The red mist descends!

Kenny makes a run for it, but…

Judge Dredd doesn’t do happy endings:

And that’s it, folks. This story was brought to you by ChatBot # 4982164.