►backinhumanform is Joe Clarke. He lives in the west of Ireland, recently returned from the U.K. He was lead singer in Manchester band, Adventures of Salvador, for 3½ years.

►Influences: Mazzy Star, James, Kate Bush, John Cale, Cocteau Twins, Engineers, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

►Debut album reviews:

“This is a fine debut, one that deserves to propel Clarke onto bigger stages at Green Man and End of the Road style festivals.” [Travellers Tunes 2020]

“…the album ends on a distinct high, with ‘Auld Lang Xiety’, which is more than simply a super title. This is the most streamed of Clarke’s songs and it’s not hard to fathom why…” [Hot Press 2021]

►backinhumanform is his self-titled debut album, and Shadows is the first single taken from it. Listen to it on Spotify or Youtube, here: