backinhumanform self-titled album, available for purchase at Piccadilly Records

  1. Old Man
  2. Ships
  3. On The Road
  4. half-light
  5. Shadows
  6. Chained to the Wheel
  7. Moments
  8. Hundreds
  9. Slippin’ Away
  10. Dreads
  11. Auld Lang Xiety

© backinhumanform music


  • All recording took place at VIBE Studios in Manchester, England.
  • Produced by Dean Glover
  • All vocals by Joe Clarke
  • Electric guitar on all tracks by Dean Glover, except on Ships (Joe Clarke)
  • Acoustic guitar by Joe Clarke on all tracks, except on Auld Lang Xiety (Dean Glover)
  • Bass by Dean Glover
  • Drums by Ben Robinson
  • Keys by John Ellis
  • Backing vocals on Shadows by Amy Weston
  • All tracks written by Joe Clarke